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“Working with Jeremy and the team at Ever Media has been nothing less than exceptional. I am one of those difficult people that really demand clear communication and meeting expectations and they exceeded my needs in every way.”

David Aitken - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 Stars via Google

Not Your Average Client Acquisition Agency

Hi, I'm Jeremy

I started out like many in the business. scraped some data from Apollo, popped it into G-Suite, crafted what I believed to be stellar copy, and took the leap by clicking send.

The outcome? It barely made a ripple.

Over 8+ years I honed my craft and dug deep to try figure this all out. It turns out that outbound marketing is a lot more complicated than it seems.

Eventually, I developed a process that would ensure a 97% deliverability rate while making each message unique so that each person receiving it would feel it was written just for them.

Today, the numbers speak for themselves. I’ve coached over 500 entrepreneurs, and they've seen their profits soar because of the process we implement.

If I caught your interest, let's chat.

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The Ever Outbound Program™

We specialize in empowering agencies, consultants, and B2B business owners with our unique expertise in Outbound Marketing that ensures a consistent stream of sales appointments that convert into loyal clients.

With over 7+ years of mastery in Outbound Marketing and lead generation, Ever Media's strength lies in constructing reliable client acquisition systems for clients. Our goal is to ensure you never have to fret about your next lead or client.

This approach guarantees that you witness exponential growth month after month.

How We Deliver

Everything You Get From Working With Us

✔️ Service Audit & Business Deep Dive

✔️ Done-For-You Copywriting Scripts

✔️ Done-For-You Outbound Infrastructure

✔️ Done-For-You Response Management & Booking

✔️ Done-For-You Lead Scraping

✔️ Real-Time Performance Reporting

Let Us Build Your Client Acquisition System

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you book calls for me?

We run an outbound email campaign. Anyone can do cold outreach, but few consistently deliver 50-80% open rates. We source our lists better, we take better care of our domains, and we write better email copy.

Do you take a percentage of sales?

Absolutely not. The issue when you work with anyone who charges a % of sales is the economics don't work for you at scale. When you work with us, you maintain your high profit margins which means more money in your pocket.

Do you charge a monthly fee?

No, we charge an initial setup fee to build out your entire Client Acquisition System. Then we transfer full ownership to you and give you all the tools to manage it yourself.If you don’t want to manage it, we can do it for you.

Is this a course or a program? I don't have time for that.

Great! It sounds like you're hard at work growing your business and helping your clients. The best part about partnering with us? Our programs are "Done-For-You", so there's no stress about buying another course that goes unused.

What platform do you use to generate the leads?

We specialize in using email marketing to directly reach the decision makers. Leveraging the most effective platforms and strategies, coupled with Artificial Intelligence, we've honed our approach to ensure optimal results for our clients.

I've hired a lead generation company before and it didn't work. What makes you different?

A lot of the people we speak to tell us they've had bad experiences with lead gen companies, often getting poor leads or none at all. That's why we don't just focus on lead generation; we're all about client acquisition. It's not just about getting leads, but getting the right ones for your business. We prioritize quality and aim to set up meaningful meetings, all to bring paying customers to you.

We’ve been doing client acquisition for over 7+ years. Our clients become our biggest fans because we deliver what we say we are going to deliver. No fly-by-night strategies, or weird sales gimmicks. Just time-tested strategies that are working better than ever.